Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Successfully Plan, Deliver & Operate Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the digital equivalent of an open-space office environment. It is an entirely new experience which brings together people, conversations, and content. Through easy connections and conversations, Microsoft Teams builds relationships and drives collaboration seamlessly, and opens up opportunities to take your organizational goals to the next level.

We documented the key information and practical guidance you need to Plan, Deliver & Operate Microsoft Teams. We will continue to update this guidance based on product updates and customer feedback.

Get started with Microsoft Teams in your organization working through the stages of Plan, Deliver & Operate. A Bandwidth Calculator is provided on our site to help you assess your bandwidth needs.

The practical guidance on this site is the methodology behind the FastTrack services for Microsoft Teams. FastTrack provides guidance in planning, delivery and adoption of Microsoft Teams for your organization, when you meet FastTrack eligibility requirements. To learn more, click here